Mao Ze Dong Poem, Qi Jue – Calligraphy Painting

Mao Ze Dong Poem, Qi Jue – Calligraphy Painting


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This calligraphy painting features a popular Chinese poem written by Mao Ze Dong, which is known as Qi Jue or The Fairy Cave. A masterfully written Chinese calligraphy painting by artist Zhang Guo Dong of a poem by Mao Ze Dong (Chairman Mao). Few people are aware of the fact that Mao was actually a very accomplished poet, as is quite evident in this poem.

Poem: The Fairy Cave
Inscription on a Picture Taken by Comrade Li Jin 

Chinese Pin Yin:

Mu se cang mang kan jin song, luan yun fei du reng cong rong.
Tian sheng yi ge xian ren dong, wu xian feng guang zai xian feng.


Amid the growing shades of dusk stand sturdy pines,
Riotous clouds sweep past, swift and tranquil.
Nature has excelled herself in the Fairy Cave,
On perilous peaks dwells beauty in her infinite variety.

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