Virtue Brings Fortune and Longevity Calligraphy Painting

Virtue Brings Fortune and Longevity Calligraphy Painting


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A calligraphy painting featuring Chinese characters meaning good virtue, which will bring you fortune and a long, happy life. An inspirational Chinese calligraphy painting that is a great way to convey a positive message to all who view it. Virtue will bring you fortune and longevity.

Large Words

Pin Yin: Shan-De-Fu-Shou

Translated: Good – Virtue – Fortune – Longevity

The meaning of small the words:

Goodness is the source of fortune and will make you live longer. Virtue is the root of fortune and longevity.

Additional Information:

This painting contains small gold flakes, which are very popular with Chinese artists, since gold is an auspicious symbol in China, as it is in most other cultures.

You may frame this calligraphy painting as is because we have already mounted it to prepare the artwork for framing. However, we offer additional mounting options, including wall scroll mounting or adding a silk brocade border.

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