Safe Shopping Guarantee

Shopping here on the Master Calligraphers website is very safe because we secure this website using the latest security technologies. Your credit card information is not captured by nor available to our company at any time during or after checkout and all credit card purchases on this site are covered by our safe shopping guarantee.

Federal law under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) limits your responsibility for unauthorized charges to $50. If your credit card issuer does hold you liable for any of this $50.00, we will cover that amount for you, up to the maximum $50.00, if the unauthorized use occurred through no fault of your own for a purchase made here on the Master Calligraphers website.

Safe and Secure Shopping

At Master Calligraphers, we take great pride in maintaining a safe and secure online store, where you can shop with confidence knowing your financial information is always safe. We know the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you and we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your information.

Why Your Personal Information is Safe

Your credit card information is NOT stored here on our server, and NEVER accessible by anyone in our company, it is transmitted directly to the merchant processor. We focus not on our convenience, but on providing the safest payment process possible. This is in stark contrast to most of the “bigger” names online who store your credit card information for THEIR convenience, and we all know how bad that idea is, as many of the big names in retail have allowed the credit card numbers and personal information of millions of their customers to be stolen by criminals.

You may be asking your self how it is possible for us to accept your credit card payment without having access to it or capturing that information. Although the technology is complicated, the answer is actually quite simple, the web browser on your computer sends the securely encrypted credit card information to our payment processor directly, which is the safest possible way to conduct this type of transaction.

High-Grade Encryption – Secure SSL Technology

  • We Validate the SSL Session on Every Secure Page
  • Every Page Requesting Personal Information is Secure
  • We Do Not Rent, Sell or Share Your Information
  • PayPal Payment Option (pay at

Please Note: This guarantee applies to U.S. customers only, for all other countries please check with your card issuer to determine applicable laws that protect your rights.

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To contact our customer support staff via email you may visit the Contact Us page or for faster service call us toll-free at 800-499-3763.

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