You Can Go Very Far in Life Calligraphy Painting

You Can Go Very Far in Life Calligraphy Painting


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A very popular proverb to give to someone whom you wish great success, this Chinese calligraphy painting is a blessing to the receiver. This Chinese calligraphy painting features an idiom about a very large mythical bird (Roc) that soars high high in the sky and travels great distances, which is meant to encourage and bless the person who receives it with a successful life.

This calligraphy painting was hand-written by master calligrapher Zhang Guo Dong on rice paper that contains very small sparkles.

Large Chinese Characters

Pin Yin: Peng – Cheng – Wan-Li – Roc

Translated: Big Bird – Journey – Ten Thousand – Miles

The meaning of the small words:

Someday the roc (large mythical bird) will rise up with the wind, soaring to ninety thousand miles high.

Mounting Requirements: This painting is ready to frame.
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