Vast Opportunities Chinese Calligraphy Painting

Vast Opportunities Chinese Calligraphy Painting


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A fine artwork by master calligrapher Zhang Guo Dong meaning the field of activity is vast with brilliant prospects where much can be accomplished. The meaning of this calligraphy painting is very positive and inspirational, reminding us that there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Large Words

Pin Yin: Hai – Kuo – Pin – Yu – Yue, Tian – Gao – Ren – Niao – Fei

Translated: Sea – Wild – Freed – Fish – Jump, Sky – High – Bird – Fly

The meaning is simple but profound in nature, and reminds us daily we can accomplish anything in life. The wide sea allows fish to jump about and the open sky allows birds to fly high.

You may frame this calligraphy painting as is because we have already mounted it to prepare the artwork for framing. However, we offer additional mounting options, including wall scroll mounting or adding a silk brocade border.

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