Eight Immortals Chinese Calligraphy Painting

Eight Immortals Chinese Calligraphy Painting


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The eight immortals Chinese calligraphy painting is a very popular artwork, which was hand-written by master calligrapher Zhang Guo Dong. This Chinese calligraphy painting is meant to emphasize the fact that we all have our own special abilities. This is a very popular saying among Chinese scholars and philosophers, and a great way to remind ourselves and our family that we are all unique and special in our own way.

This beautiful artwork is hand-written on a special type of rice paper that contains tiny sparkles, which adds to the great beauty of this fine artwork.

The Words Written on this Fine Artwork

Chinese Pin Yin: Ba-Xian-Guo-Hai, Ge-Xian-ShenTong

Translated: Eight-Immortal-Cross-Sea, Each-Show-Special-Power

You may frame this calligraphy painting as is because we have already mounted it to prepare the artwork for framing. However, we offer additional mounting options, including wall scroll mounting or adding a silk brocade border.

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