Chinese Character Tiger Calligraphy Painting

Chinese Character Tiger Calligraphy Painting


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The famous one-stroke tiger Chinese character calligraphy painting is ready to frame or may mounted onto a traditional Chinese wall scroll. Chinese people have always revered the tiger, it is a symbol of great power and its gaze can ward off evil. This large Chinese character is a one-stoke tiger, expertly written by master calligrapher Zhang Guo Dong.

This amazing artwork was hand-written on rice paper with tiny sparkles, which are considered to be auspicious and add to the texture of the calligraphy painting.

The Small Words Written Below

Laying down looking up at the moon and stars in the sky, leaping makes the east mountain to lean.

You may frame this calligraphy painting as is because we have already mounted it to prepare the artwork for framing. However, we offer additional mounting options, including wall scroll mounting or adding a silk brocade border.

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