Whole River Red Poem by Yue Fei Calligraphy Painting

Whole River Red Poem by Yue Fei Calligraphy Painting


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The whole river red is a poem by general Yue Fei, and has been hand-written with great skill on this amazing Chinese calligraphy painting. Yue fei (1103 – 1142), was an eminent general during the southern Song dynasty. Born into a poor family, he was studious, brave and intelligent, especially devoted to his mother. Before his departure to defend his country against the Jin army, his mother tattooed four characters jin zhong bao guo on his back to exhort him to serve his homeland with loyalty. He fought the Jin army with great courage for ten years and won every battle. Yue Fei became a national hero for his bravery.

The Whole River Red by General Yue Fei

Rage bristling under the cap
I lean against the railing
The rushing rain has ceased
Lifting my eyes,
Towards the sky I let out a battle cry
My blood is boiling
Thirty years rank and honor, just so much dust
Eight hundred leagues: traveling with the moon and clouds
Do not let it slip away
When a young man"s head turns gray
Regret will be too late

The national insult
Is yet to be avenged
Your servants shame
When will it be erased?
Let us ride the long chariots
To crush those mountain strongholds
Glorious quest: to feast on the flesh of the invaders
We laugh and chat and quench our thirst with Tartar blood.
Let us start
To take back our rivers and mountains
And report to the Heavenly Palace

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