Home and Family Chinese Calligraphy Painting

Home and Family Chinese Calligraphy Painting


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This fine art Chinese calligraphy painting features the large character for family and a popular blessing for a smooth and prosperous family life. The rice paper used to create this artwork contains very small sparkles, which looks very beautiful in contrast to the deep black of the calligraphy ink.

Large Chinese Character Means Home or Family

The same character is used for both words, as they mean the same to people in China.

The Small Words in Pin Yin

Jia-Shun-Xi-Ying- Men, Ye-Xing-Fu-Man-Tang

Small Characters Translated into English

Family-Smooth-Happiness-Full-Door, Business or Career-Prosper-Fortune or Blessing-Full-Room

Meaning of This Calligraphy Artwork

The meaning as you can see from the words written on this calligraphy painting is that a smooth and happy family life leads to a blessed and prosperous life for everyone.

Home And Family Chinese Calligraphy Painting

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